Membership Advisor Interview Questions

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“higest goal achieved.”

“Are u looking for a job? Or a career ?”

“Role playing. Make sure you visit a club and go through the membership process before the interview.”

“None. Just know, because of the lack of transparency, those doing the hiring are oblivious to the actual culture in the individual centers.”

“What do you consider your weaknesses?”

“Can you describe a situation when you had to manage an irate customer?”

“Which skill do you need most to sell?”

“Because I had no sales experience, I got put to the test. First test was "sell me this stapler" and he didn't really give in until I worked for it and wouldn't let him not "buy" it. Second test was…”

“They all were pretty basic questions about why you like sales, why LA Fitness, do you lead a healthy life, etc.”

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