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“If you were King for the day, name two government policies you would change.”

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“yes you an honest person rate your self 1 to ten”

Account Manager at CEB

Jan 19, 2010

“Why are manhole covers round? (No joke, this was asked. Be prepared for this sort of thing, in addition to standard behavioral questions.)”

“what do you have to offer the company?”

“Memorize this speech and stand up and give it to an audience.”

“Are you willing to work crazy late hours sometimes? If so, please be aware that we are sometimes here beyond 2AM and sometimes substantially later.”

“How to's - using their Drupal setup”

“Role playing with one manager and one analyzing you was the most difficult”

“Don't you live on the east side? Isn't that too far of a commute? And wouldn't you want to transfer? That is why I am not going through with your application.”

“Describe a time when you either helped or did not help a coworker and explain why.”

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