Merchandise Flow Team Member Interview Questions

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“The behavioral questions.”

“describe a time you helped a person when they did not ask you for help.”

“Why do you want to work for Target?”

“If you are working the register and someone is buying an item that rings up as $19.99 but guest says it was listed as $17.99 what would you do? After answering the question I was asked what the…”

“Something along the lines of: Talk about a time that you were in a leadership position and what you could've done better.”

“They wanted to know like 4 strengths and weaknesses -- I usually only have about 2-3 in my head, so I had to scramble to say two more!”

“If product a has 20 more sales than product b, than how much more does product c need to have?”

“What are your strengths/weaknesses”

“Why do you want to work at Target?”

“There were no difficult or unexpected questions.”

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