Merchandise Manager Interview Questions

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“Identify the current trends represented in this group of mannequins”

“How do you promote Diversity in the workplace?”

“Any behavioral questions, such as "Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an upset customer and how did you handle it?". Even though this position will never deal with customers.”

“Just your standard questions with some aggressive remarks towards my answers which was uncalled for.”

“All were standard questions, although one of my interviewers discounted my experience of leading a large team, which was quite off-putting. She seemed more concerned about how I might be competition…”

“What are my strenghts and weakness?”

“Every interview was different. An online questionaire tells them a lot about you and they weigh heavily on that and a background check before hiring.”

“I didn't have a formal interview. Before I was promoted I was required to do a lot of challenging things and push myself out of my comfort zone to prove myself.”

“Case interview - had to do several calculation”

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