Merchandise Sales Associate Interview Questions

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“Can you describe a time where you had to balance things in your life?”

“What was the most impressive contribution that I made to a company, both in productivity and in company profit; and, what was the worst experience I have ever had in a work environment, and what did…”

“Nothing too difficult for someone who has experience getting interviewed or has prepared extensively for an interview. However, a bit stunned when he asked "What brings you here?" without introducing…”

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“name a time when you had a problem and how you solved it”

“None relatable to the average person. "So, are you going to tell me why you left school, or do I have to ask?" Apparently I had put down that I was sick on my application, whoops! I also mentioned me…”

“No difficult or unexpected questions.”

“Phone interview they ask a lot of behavior questions so be prepared for that like give me a time for this or what are your strengths weakness also they want you to tell them about every job you had…”

“What are my strengths and weaknesses?
How do I view customer service?
Tell me about yourself?”

“None of the questions were exactly difficult. They were all just very random questions that can be difficult to think of an answer when put on the spot.”

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