Merchandising Associate Interview Questions

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“Are you available to work early mornings?”

“How will you respond if a customer is being difficult or abusive?”

“A young kind was conducting the interview, no questions were really asked other than what brought me to Sears. Then I was offered the job.”

“What do you do if you don't know what to do?”

“Tell me a time when someone close to you stole something or was doing something you didn't agree with? How did you handle that situation?”

“Questions were read from a paper (word for word) Very generic Gal never looked at me. Ask me how I was doing 4 times. She did ask me 3 times if this was the correct job I was applying for. She...”

“Why should I hire you?”

“"How comfortable are you to approach random customers to convince them to sign up for a Bloomingdale s Credit Card.”

“What do you think about teamwork?”

“Give me a time where you experienced great customer service.”

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