Merchandising Specialist Interview Questions

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“You have a limited amount of onsite warehouse space (approx. equal to the size of a 2 car garage), which can not hold 1 each of everything in your product catalog (example: product catalog contains…”

“Name something you haven't succeeded at.”

“There was little-to-no interview process for me to refer to, in this case. would say that communication, overall, with this company was moderately difficult, -- especially the first few months. I…”

“How do you work with jaded employees?”

“Given a list on qualities and then answering what you did well with that and what could be improved.”

“How would you motivate a jaded employee?”

“What would you do if a costumer becomes upset with you.”

“If I was a cookie, what cookie would I be?”

“What experience do you have working with tools?”

“What are you looking for in this temp position?”

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