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“Tell me about yourself,”

Intern at Alcoa

Jul 15, 2012

“What is the position you see your self at in 30 years from now?”

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“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“Why I did not want to come into work over sixty hours a week? I said it was because I had a seven year old son who had t-ball practice twice a week and I refused to miss it.”

“What is the difference between a responsibility and a task?”

“Unexpected question: Whether I wait for the gas light to come on before filling the tank up or if I typically fill it on a schedule.”

“The students were split into groups to brainstorm a case study and perform a presentation. The process is very fast with very little time to properly prepare a presentation but be ready to present to…”

“Why do you want to join Gerdau leaving Fortune 100 company”

“What's your potential strength”

“"What is your outlook on safety?"”

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