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Aug 24, 2014

Interview Question for Human Resources Assistant at Superior Group:

“They asked what I knew about the company and seemed unhappy that I didn't know every detail about their history.”

Aug 22, 2014

Interview Question for FLD at PPG:

“What would be one thing you would do in order to improve success of PPG while working here?

How would you handle a situation in which you were unhappy with something your manager or boss had done?”

Aug 20, 2014

Interview Question for Financial Analyst at A.E. Petsche:

“Inventory Analysis”

Aug 18, 2014

Interview Question for Commodity Analyst at Alcoa:

“If I would expect an increase or promotion upon eating an MBA.”

Aug 9, 2014

Interview Question for Maintenance Mechanic at United Copper Industries:

“How much do u know about electricity?? What voltage does the transformer step down to on the three phase 480 volt welders??”

Aug 4, 2014

Interview Question for Catalog Designer at Pendleton Woolen Mills:

“Do you have retail experience?”

Aug 1, 2014

Interview Question for Shader at PPG:

“I didn't have any difficult questions before I was hired. But this is not always the case. I was a simple lab tech before I got the job. After I was hired they said I will be a shader, though this…”

Jul 30, 2014

Interview Question for Project Manager at High Concrete Group:

“No unexpected queastions”

Jul 30, 2014

Interview Question for Systems Engineer at Alcoa:

“The behavioral questions they asked were expected. I just didn't expect to not be asked any technical questions.”

Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for CRM Position at Ulbrich Stainless Steels:

“What is your favorite past job.... What was your least favorite past job?”