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“What would you do if anyone approached you and wanted yo to join a union?”

Intern at Microsoft

Sep 29, 2014

“For a positive integer n, how many consecutive numbers add up to that number? For example, 9 would be 2,3,4 and 4,5.”

“I was asked to explain the VSS service in SQL Server (Volume Shadow Copy).”

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“How would you walk a user through adding a member to a distribution list?”

“What jobs had my mother been employed in.”

“Given a set of raw data in MS Excel, prepare both an internal report and and external report regarding the status of this customer account.”

“Why would I hire you?”

“In-depth IIS knowledge is a plus.”

“Remove all instances of a character from a string. Modify to remove all instances of a sequence of characters from a string.”

“Nothing particularly tough. Just be yourself and show that you will be a good member of the team, it's a very team oriented environment! Emphasize the following: positive attitude, your past sales...”

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