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Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Interviews  /  HQ: Phoenix, AZ

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BHP Billiton Interviews  /  HQ: Melbourne, AS

47 Interviews

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Newmont Mining Interviews  /  HQ: Greenwood Village, CO

20 Interviews

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Interview Questions

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“How would you manage of you had to meet two deadlines that are on the same day, same time and both high priority”

“Tell me about yourself,”

“What is your most successful achievement and how you reach it?”

“What is your background? (FYI - It was listed on my resume. Didn't they even read it so their time was not wasted)?”

“What is the definition of Human Capital?”

“What are your salary expectations”

“What are your weaknesses”

“Is the customer always right? The correct answer is "no", but we'll make him feel like he is, since many customers seem to think that they know more about concrete than we do.”

“Describe how you communicate with people who do not see things your way.”

“If I didn't like a co-worker, how did I manage to work wit them?”

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