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“Define success.”

IT at Graniterock

Sep 12, 2014

“Safety? Wasn't very forth coming on exactly what they were looking for in respect to this question”

“how would you solve unsatisfied customer problem.”

“What does "PPE" stand for?”

“Went through a series of choice A or B style questions...for example, paper or plastic? Some were applicable, others were just silly.”

“The usual questions that are asked. Tell me about yourself. Describe a problem how did you solve it. What would you do differently. Etc Etc”

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“What do you see as Newmont's competitive advantage?”

“How can we - Lafarge - increase our sales?”

“We work many hours, sometimes 15-16 hours without stopping. Will that be a problem?”

“One interview asked me to describe someone I've worked with who I didn't like and how I handle working with them.”

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