Mobile Engineer Interview Questions

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“given a matrix where the numbers ascend both in rows & columns, e.g. 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 31 33 36 38 39 42 44 47 49 50 If you're asked to write a function that provides...”

“If one has a collection of N stock options vesting over P periods, describe algorithmically how one would come up with the data for a table listing how many options are awarded per period.”

“What's the angle between the hands of a clock if the time is 3:15.”

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“How does the retain/release process work in Objective C?”

“What is the relationship between C and Objective C?”

“Design a stack implementation that has "push", "pop" and "peek" functions (look at the top-most value of the stack without popping it off the stack), and then design a function that tells the caller...”

“How to implement xxx feature ? (they will ask you a question from the current system they have)”

“You have a list of 100, 000 elements. Your mobile device has a RAM to store 10,000 elements. You have to sort 100,000 elements in the RAM. How would you do it.”

“Here's the one "bigger" question I was asked by the hiring manager on-site: Given an array of strings, e.g.: NSArray * files = @"[@"file2", @"folder22", @"folder10", @"file1", @"folder...”

“Implement a LinkedList in your language of choice. For me, it was Objective C. So the hiring manager typed this into a shared whiteboard/document browser window: LList * list = [[LList alloc...”

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