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“fair, lot of position related tech questions. Given a string "Keyword" find whether the characters exist in a String "Target" in the same order but not necessarily next to each other Keyword...”

“Must be willing to buy into the program. Willingness to be paid commission only. and must obtain your own leads.”

“How would you decide what search features (e.g., Q&A, images) to prioritize on a mobile device?”

“What is your carrier dream ? Where do you see yourself in 10 year from now? Would you like to own your own franchise with our company one day?”

“Would you sell our solution as a marketing/branding so,union or a technical solution?”

“What are the various ways an Android developer can apply multi-threading to their app? Be specific, and give examples.”

“Have you ever worked hard on a sale that you were not able to close? If so, how did you deal with the rejection?”

“1. What is the Central Limit Theorem? 2. If X is a Random Variable distributed with mean u_x, Variance s^2_x and Y is an independent Random Variable distributed with mean u_y, variance s^2_y...”

“They asked me: "What was your biggest promo FAIL in which your were directly responsible and how did you remedy it?" The was the toughest question because saying "none" was not allowed. I had to...”

“Why should I pay you salary? Yes, that will be the most unexpected question. Right after I joined the training, a friend who recommended me (working at a big s/w company, I cannot disclose because he...”

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