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“What's 5/2 in MySQL ?”

“Write a program to test endianess of storage.”

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“Suppose you have a device that fires an interrupt every time it fills up with 5 bits of information; how do you commit this data into a 32-bit addressable memory location, without any padding bits?”

“You appear over-qualified. Why do you want this job?”

Sales at IAC

Mar 19, 2009

“Is yours a seek permission or a seek forgiveness style?”

“What are your expectations of working for Disney, and of this job in particular?”

“"This will be harder than anything you've done. Gauranteed. Still want to do it?"”

“What's the angle between the hands of a clock if the time is 3:15.”

“The most difficult job was when the leader told me to sell him something - anything. I always hate that question. I ended up telling him to give me something to sell - he chose his pen.”

“What is your greatest regret?”

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