Multimedia Interview Questions

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“What do you plan to do with your business?”

“Not difficult but Unexpected is Q & A.
1. Which products will you sell if you have a customer that are new in the area & just open their business/Door?
They don't have clientele base or they don't…”

“Coke or Pepsi?”

“Memory mapping in registers. Based on paging, where page size was fixed. Basically you know the memory size and the start address, you have to return the pages coming in that range.
This is what I…”

“Multiclock domain synchronization , dff vs latch”

“What is your favorite cartoon to watch?”

“Can you handle working for an agency”

“write a code to reverse a string without using 2 arrays”

“The customer does not understand what you're trying to say and is getting frustrated because their project is due soon. What do you do?”

“Why would you be a good fit for KTVK?”

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