Municipal Governments interview questions

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“This library has many avid readers of contemporary fiction, what would you use for readers' advisory?”

“What would you do if a teacher brings over a class of middle school students (there is a middle school next to the library) and the students run in and are very disorderly?”

“Asked about how I would handle difficult people. The reason was due to Union issues that I found out about after taking the position.”

“Tell about a time that you had to make an unpopular stand. What was it and what was the outcome”

“What makes me qualified for the position? What is my weakness”

“If you were doing an inspection for window guards in an apartment and 2 children under the age of 10 answer the door what would you do?”

“What are some of your credentials that qualify you for this position?”

“Why would you want to work here?”

“What would you do if a disgruntled beach patron came up to you and complained about something in your area?”

“Describe your most difficult patient/customer, and how you resolved it. A common question; however, if a patient/customer is simply heard, and understood, and their requests dealt with in a…”

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