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“How many different ways can you get water from a lake at the foot of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain?”

“How can you make a park-goer's experience better? This is not unusual or unexpected, but he asked over 30 questions he read off from a sheet, and only wrote "notes" as answers to each one.”

“The interviewer will ask a specific math question like if a customer gives you a $20 bill and the total is $14.57 how much change to you give back?”

“The test is to see if you have the core values of the company. You will answer the same questions repeatedly, just different wording.”

“How would you describe excellent service/Bad service.

Make or break question. make sure you answer well.”

“Describe how you would improve the department”

“They sometimes ask to do a ride spiel, which, if you're uncomfortable speaking in front of people would be quite terrifying especially during an interview.”

“What is something you did nice for someone recently.”

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“If you were given 10 million to invest at Disney where would you invest and why?”

“How would you know if your project was successful?”

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