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“I was asked how I was going to be able to become a good manager from being simply a bookkeeper.”

“Tell us about a problem that you resolved while you were in your last job.”

“are you comfortable with handling large sums of money?”

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“If your friend had one word to describe you, what would it be?”

“"How did you handle your most difficult customer?"”

“Would you rather take a job here that is different, and pays less, and is in the sun trying to get information from customers?”

“Is it ok if there is no opportunity for advancement in the job?”

“A coworker comes to you and is excited because he / she found a 3% increase in overall customer satisfaction. What would you tell him / her and why?”

“What is more important?
Getting people through fast pass?
Telling a kid that he is too short for the ride?
Answer phone calls?”

“Describe in detail an appetizer, entree, etc”

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