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“Nothing unexpected or difficult to answer.”

Nanny Manager at MBF

Aug 2, 2013

“Give an example of a difficulty you had with a child and how you resolved it.”

“I was asked why I was interested in the position and what skills did I possess that would make me a good candidate to fulfill their family's needs.”

“Give us a time when you had to discipline a child. What types of activities would you have with children of different ages?”

“Anything related to the tutoring aspect (as that was not the position I was applying and being interviewed for).”

“Nothing was difficult or unexpected”

“What is your experience with kids”

“What has been your greatest challenge working as a nanny?”

“What experiences can you bring to the family you are assigned to?”

Nanny at TEP Exchange

Feb 5, 2013

“How would you handle a conflict between the children?”

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