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“Name a time when you were faced with an ethical dilemma. Many questions in phone and in-person interview are behavioral based questions and generally are 3 part questions: 1. Describe the...”

“Most people fail the written portion of the process, which consists of summarizing a fictitious loan review packet for a bank's loan review board.”

“Name a time you went above your normal job responsibilities and did something you were not expected to do.”

“The questions weren't difficult at all. The only challenge was thinking of specific and unique examples for each question, since they asked that I try to avoid using the same situation to answer more...”

“What do you know about the oil and gas industry?”

“Describe a sales situation where price seemed to be the primary driver and how you overcame the focus on cost and made it more about 'value.'”

“They just want to see if you fit in. No difficult questions. Hands on tech troubleshooting is the most challenging.”

“Name a time when you have encountered a customer who did not agree with a decision you made?”

“How have you used accounting principals or financial modeling for work or a class project.”

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“Name a time you faced an ethical dilemma and how you dealt with it”

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