Net Developer Interview Questions

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“Asked how to write inner and left joins. I was given two simple tables: customer and employees.”

“Syntax for SQL group by”

“What are the four phases in the Agile model?”

“what is session management.”

“Lots of off-putting statements by second interviewer like, "What do you got for me?" and "you got a thing for startups?"”

“Any time they ask my current, previous, or desired salary.”

“What is THE objection creation pattern? (As if there's only one)”

“Gave a scenario and asked to create class and method based on it. U don't want to write code... Question was like this... A motel owner has to build a way to rent and making changes to price for...”

“Gave DB schema and asked me to write2 SQL queries which are very simple and also asked 3 question involving schema change.”

“Can an abstract class implement an interface?”

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