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“How would you consume from a WCF web service running on IIS?”

“Write a code to divide two numbers without using the division and modulus operator”

“Expected to write down code when I type it up on a computer how do they expect you to jog from memory and have a confusing database where the primary keys don't match what they are asking.”

“You will be asked to write a function that returns a List of the latest 10 of Purchased Item from the following classes:

public class Order
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public DateTime…”

“You will be asked to write a function that returns a max integer from array of integer and array of object.”

“How to check if an XML file is a well formed?”

“Looking at a page of code for a few minutes and then explain what it did.”

“I was asked to defend why I didn't believe in drag & drop development. Seriously?!”

“Typical tech screen, c# syntax focus and sql. During the tech screen, what is a inner left/right join?”

“Please be very aware that this company hires and retains professional and DEDICATED individuals. The training is fast and intense. You will only be focused on code and perfecting it within the time…”

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