Network Architect Interview Questions

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“the interview was for a position of Network Architect”

“what happens to a MAC frame with an unknown destination MAC address on a switch that participates in a multi-switch VLAN?”

“How do you react in pressure situation (like the entire system is down)”

“presented with a network diagram showing a few routers, switches, DHCP/DNS servers and two end hosts on a VLAN/network segment, given that a host loses IP connectivity every 120 seconds, troubleshoot...”

“If you were able to solve any one problem to do with the technical architecture underpinnings of the Internet, which one would you pick and why?”

“Are you able to handle multiple competing project priorities while also performing long hours of troubleshooting / operational work?”

“Business case involved consolidating the number of welcome packets for the different credit card types they offer. It wasn't hard... knowledge of gant charts very helpful to have to get through this...”

“Describe a time when you were in a leadership position and how you handled situations where people didn't cooperate.”

“Describe to me a group project that you were a part of and how the group was run.”

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