Network Specialist Interview Questions

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“There was a tricky formula for Holiday pay. Initially we were told we would be paid for holidays. The company we worked for had over 11 holidays.”

“Did field some questions related to leadership roles in positions other than in technical ones (i.e. clubs, fraternal organizations, etc.).”

“What is your biggest strength”

“How would you solve the issue of Personally Identifiable Information being sent in the clear across a network?”

“Being over 40 earlier I was advised to drop the previous jobs over 10 years old or so. HR seemed maybe annoyed, as if I were trying to hide something. They had no bearing on the position anyway.”

“What protocol do you run on your current Cisco phone system?”

“Nothing difficult or unexpected. Just your typical "Why should we hire you?" or "Why do you want to work for AT&T?"”

“There really weren't any. The temp agency confirmed my experience and qualifications, Compucom basically said when can you start”

“The questions pertain how I would deal with working with others and management mostly and less about daily duties.”

“The most difficult question was about dealing with irrate customers”

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