Network Technician Interview Questions

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“Technical assessment was comprised of "Here's a home wireless router and here's a computer in the network. How does the router know which computer has which IP address?"”

“What experience with MS Active Directory”

“What level of the osi model is the ping command in.”

“How many subnets in the subnet mask /17”

“What was one occasion in which someone made you mad? .... What are your greatest strengths? ... Do you own some tools?”

“How would you troubleshoot a radio?”

“Why does a switch need an ip?”

“How would you handle it if the patient died while performing your duty - not as a cause of what you did, just as an event of the situation?”

“What do you do if things go wrong with an install, after the window of three hours was expired.”

“Your computer gives you “non-disk error” before you log on what would you do to make your computer work?”

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