New Home Sales Interview Questions

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“Tell me about yourself. This question is only difficult if you make it. Don't talk about your dog, your ex, or say that you are nervous. substitute negative words like "nervous" for buzzwords like…”

“This is a commission based job. However, there are all kinds of ways you can make money here.”

“Do you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree that it is harder to sell to a buyer that is wealthy, well educated, successful and or looking for luxury? (or something along those lines!)”

“Walk me step by step through how you think you would sell a home to a new home buyer?”

“Was asked "If you were on a train from New York to Los Angeles, how long do you think it would take and what would you do to pass the time?" Not necessarily a difficult question but was definitely…”

“Do you feel you are better suited for sales to a Fischer Homes type of customer or a Maple Street Homes customer?”

“The VP of sales and marketing made me role play several sales scenarios on the spot without warning.”

“Basic personality test and interview questions, nothing very difficult.”

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“How would you define sucess”

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