NOC Analyst Interview Questions

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“Do you have experience with Linux. Do you know what the job role is. What experience do you have with Microsoft. What did you do at your last job. Have you ever done anything with switches. Do...”

“Explain a DDOS attack. Since I hate acronyms I didn't know what it meant. I looked it up and realized I knew the answer, but the interview was already over.”

NOC Analyst at AOL

Apr 29, 2014

“Programming experience was difficult as I had minimal experience during college.. and was advised even the best colleges out there, most students do not pass AOL's programming tests.”

“When asked about my weaknesses i was comfortable enough to share them with the interviewer. In fact i was quite comfortable being honest with them throughout the entire interview process. Most of the...”

“Describe at least 3 different ways to see what the root bridge of a vlan is.”

“How many useable IPs are in a class c address?”


“None, questions were very low level like "Do you have transportation".”

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