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Dec 22, 2014

“regarding spelling errors in my resume and how it would normally dis-qualify for the position..”

“I can't say anything particular but prepare switching topics and BGP. Even TCP/IP questions may be asked. VLAN, VTP, STP, BGP, connection troubleshooting, VLAN troubleshooting, EIGRP convergence time…”

“The shell syntax for positional parameters (page 100-104 in the Korn shell O'Reilly book) and the application of the use of the positional parameters. All very amusing as it was not required for the…”

“NA because no one ever calls me after they schedule phone interviews.”

“How would you handle a unhappy customer?”

“I was asked "how to find the uptime and IOS version on a Cisco router.”

“what is VTP?”

“Do you have stairs in your house?”

“what is the bandwdith?”

“how do you identify the pc and what port the PC is connected on a switch?”

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