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NOC II at Coinstar

Mar 8, 2012

“Do you have any questions for me?

They technical questions I asked couldn't be answered. The NOC Supervisor didn't even know the simple, everyday, acronyms I was using.”

“do you know what a virtual machine is?”

“Salary Question”

“Are you willing to working any hour of the day.”

NOC Engineer at [24]7

Dec 22, 2014

“regarding spelling errors in my resume and how it would normally dis-qualify for the position..”

“Scenario: Cannot connect to local resources but can connect to”

“what is the function of the network layer?”

“tell me about the seven layers of OSI”

“I can't say anything particular but prepare switching topics and BGP. Even TCP/IP questions may be asked. VLAN, VTP, STP, BGP, connection troubleshooting, VLAN troubleshooting, EIGRP convergence time…”

“NA because no one ever calls me after they schedule phone interviews.”

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