Non-Profit interview questions

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“What has your experience been with microfinance?”

“What would you do if a client said they wanted to kill themselves, someone else, etc.”

“What hours are you available?”

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“Most difficult question would be : How will you maintain order in a group of 20 - 25 children who are misbehaving ? What can you offer this company and why do we need you ? What kind of activities...”

“Are you ok with diapering a male adult?”

“No questions asked about specific skills - it was focused on personality fit”

“Nothing too unexpected. They presented detailed information about the position at the interview and then asked questions from there vetting experiences and comparing them to the position in question.”

“Typical behavioral questions about setting goals and how you reached them; how you have influenced people; how you organize, etc.”

“I was asked how I would handle many situations and give detailed information. These are good questions but I think I could have did better at them had I had a chance to prepare for interview. I was...”

“Verbally asked, then a small written portion with 2 scenarios on it of "what you would do if.." situations.”

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