Non-Profit interview questions

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“are you ready to teach on your own”

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“There was only one question- why would you be an asset to this program?”

“Why is this one particular item marked with a question mark? (There were several)”

“I put an elementary proficiency for a foreign language, and the interviewer mid interview started asking me questions in that language.”

“Nothing too unexpected. They presented detailed information about the position at the interview and then asked questions from there vetting experiences and comparing them to the position in question.”

“what are five things you need to be rescue ready?”

“Typical behavioral questions about setting goals and how you reached them; how you have influenced people; how you organize, etc.”

“Verbally asked, then a small written portion with 2 scenarios on it of "what you would do if.." situations.”

“Fit question about your background.”

“Let's pretend that a donor wants to donate to the NYPLE pictures that his father took of a famous gay pride parade in New York City. The pictures show people in various outfits, with their faces…”

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