Non-Profit interview questions

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“Tell me about yourself and how you fit in with GS”

“The organization works with a community advisory council - each member has his/her own interests. How have you been able to bring many strong, divergent interests together to support a common…”

“They asked why I would leave my old job if I loved it so much (I'd raved about it earlier in the conversation).”

“The most difficult and unexpected part of my interview experience was two fold: 1) I was interviewed by both the individual members of senior staff and by a group panel; 2) The test contain numerous…”

“How to manage a class of 45 (not exactly certain of the number) students if you were the only staff person.”

“Without direct conservation experience, how are you able to do the job?”

“All standard "tell me about a time when..." questions.”

“How comfortable are you with handling a client having a bowl movement and being required to clean up after them?”

“How much do you pay?”

“When can you start - wanted immediately.”

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