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“Are you willing to do personal hygiene and can you work everyday or unexpectedly”

“I was extensively tested for my skills by my future supervisor. He outlined several projects for me to complete and assigned a relatively limited time. I was concerned about the time limitations but…”

“There really wasn't anything unexpected. I guess the most difficult was "what do you want to know about our company?" I had done so much reasearch beforehand I really didn't know what I wanted to ask.”

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“Why are you a good fit for this organization?”

“Why should we hire you over anyone else.”

“Tell me why you woudl are the perfect candidate”

“How would you deal with an experience where you were leading the team in a certain activity but had little knowledge in the area or on the issue?”

“What would you do when a child does not cooperate or misbehaves during the program?”

“Interviewer asked how I would handle interpersonal boundaries-unexpected b/c it is such a baseline query as to make me wonder how many people get fired from there (she mentioned just before they had…”

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