Office Supply Stores interview questions

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“A really obscene use of Industrial psychology. How many ways to sunday can you ask 'tell me about a time when you took a risk at work but didn't get caught?' 'I mean like you...”

“What have you done to change a co-workers bad behavior and how?”

“Why do you want this job? or Why would you fit in here?”

“Is string a reference type or value type”

“Rate of pay expectation.”

“Do you have a family and how have you been supporting them? (Since I was currently unemployed)”

“The most unexpected question was if I was receiving a pension from my former employer.”

“Tell me a time when someone did not agree with you.”

Easy Tech at Staples

Nov 9, 2013

“do i or don't i try to work pallets”

“What types of issues did you face at your last job to make you quit?”

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