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“How do you determine if the light switch works in a refrigerator with the door closed?”

“What is the angle between the two arms of the clock at 2:40?”

“how many 1s are there from 1-100”

“If water in a well rises 2 feet each day and falls 1 foot each night, how long til the water reaches the top of a 10 foot well”

“On a clock, what is the difference in the angle of the minute hand and the hour hand when the clock shows 3:15.”

“What if you find that the job is not as challenging as you want it to be.”

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“Why are manhole covers round?”

“You are in a room with 3 switches which correspond to 3 bulbs in another room and you don't know which switch corresponds to which bulb. You can only teleport to the room with the bulbs and back…”

“How do you screw in a bolt and unscrew it?”

Intern at Halliburton

Oct 21, 2012

“Brain Teaser: Swap two numbers without using a temporary third variable.”

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