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Jul 17, 2014

Interview Question for Seismic Imaging Analyst at CGG:

“Not really difficult but at the time I was asked I looked like the biggest idiot: There are N boxes and N keys. Each key opens exactly one box. Suppose we lock each key inside a random box. We pick a…”

Jul 17, 2014

Interview Question for Real Time Drilling Optimization at National Oilwell Varco:

“what do you bring to us to add value?”

Jul 16, 2014

Interview Question for Systems Analyst at FMC Technologies:

“I do not recall any one particularly difficult question. But the manager did ask a lot of really detailed questions about my current job and how it would apply to the prospective job. You would not…”

Jul 15, 2014

Interview Question for Strategic Business Analyst at Baker Hughes:

“A challenging situation you faced at work and how you responded”

Jul 15, 2014

Interview Question for Administrative Assistant at AMEC:

“None, you will be told the short and skinny after hire”

Jul 14, 2014

Interview Question for Geophysicist at CGG:

“What is your strength and weakness?”

Jul 12, 2014

Interview Question for Field Engineer at Halliburton:

“Nothing unexpected, they just wanted to make sure I had good communication skills, knew about drilling and oil&gas, asked questions like if I was willing to relocate and work long hours etc..”

Jul 10, 2014

Interview Question for Operations at Access Midstream Partners:

“The technical questions were the easiest because there's usually only one correct answer. The hard questions for me are the, "tell me about yourself" questions. How much do you share without sounding…”

Jul 9, 2014

Interview Question for Analyst at Gas Transmission System:

“What is you greatest accomplishment and why?”

Jul 8, 2014

Interview Question for Mechanical Engineer at Tolteq Group:

“What does this box mean on this standard solid works drawing format?”