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“How would you work with people with lower education that you?”

“If x amount of weight was applied to a cable with a cutoff of xx weight, how much force would a motor have to produce to cut-off the cable?”

“Design problem”

“A puzzle. Create 4 equilateral triangles from 6 matchsticks of equal length”

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“What is the probability of having 2 persons' birthdays on the same day.”

“Given a triangle and a point, how do you tell if the point is inside the triangle or outside? Extend this for a irregular polygon”

“What are you most proud of? What has been your biggest failure? Name 4 days that start with T. and What are the ways of heat transfer? Explain what factors affect conduction.”

“If you placed a perforating gun 2000 ft underneath the ground and ignite the charge. Which direction would it blast? If you were do the same, but the depth was 200 ft, would you expect the same…”

“Individual questions are not difficult. looking for if you match the company”

“Nothing exceptionally challenging, each interviewer has something different that they are looking for so make sure to cater to their needs.”

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