Oil & Gas Services interview questions

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“Provide a brief speech (~5 - 10 min) in front of other candidates, introducing yourself and mention why you want to work for Schlumberger.”

“How would you distinguish two different cups of water if you had to pour both of them into a large bowl”

“Are you willing to work on call?”

“What is your weakness”

“Do you think you will be working in this company for a long term?”

“What background do you have for the position?”

“The most unexpected question was what are five ways you can tell that a fridge light is on while the door is shut.”

“1. How do you handle pressure situation 2. Do I have GD&T experience? 3. Do I have drilling tools design experience? 4. How does car motor and engine work? 5. Showed on 2D drawing of a tools and...”

“Do you know anybody that works on the rigs”

Intern at Schlumberger

May 27, 2010

“Name a situation in which you were creative.”

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