Old Navy Sales Associate Interview Questions

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“How will you convince someone who is not interested in making a purchase”

“Talk a little about yourself (informal question).”

“Name an accomplishment you are most proud of.”

“What would you say to a customer who is interested in buying a outfit for their daughter?”

“What Store competes with old navy style?”

“What are your strengths that you could bring into play at Old Navy?”

“Nothing difficult, if you want the job just act like a 15 year old immature teen :D Dont over dress, I dressed really nice and the other people came in with jeans and a tee.”

“What do you like about your present job, what do you not like?”

“He asked two 'situation' questions, which were very descriptive and sort of a lot of pressure to answer. Things about difficult co workers and busy Saturdays with no back up.”

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