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“Market sizing question of a very specific, niche prescription drug.”

Intern at Oliver Wyman

Apr 13, 2011

“Estimate the percentage of the US which is covered by man-made structures.”

“One case question was estimating the sales of flowers on V-day in the US, another was a healthcare profit-loss case about a hospital.”

“Knowing marginal revenue and cost curves helped.”

“Case interview questions are specifically geared to be logic based than test background knowledge. There are no brain teasers, no quick mental math, or "how many golfballs in a boeing.." questions…”

“The first interview was about a start up company that paired personal trainers with clients over Skype. They asked what standards they could group the different clientele by.

The second interview…”

“How do promotions work in a grocery store?”

“How many people in (given) county in Florida do not have health insurance?”

Intern at Oliver Wyman

Jan 30, 2014

“How many turkeys are sold on Thanksgiving in the US?”

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