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“Let's pretend you are sending out emails to encourage SMB's to advertise with Facebook. Each email to each SMB costs $1. After you send the emails, .5% of the SMBs sign up. How much did you pay for…”

“Say you were running an A/B test for an email campaign, what would you want to know?”

“What advertising or product offering do you think Facebook should create next?”

Online at ChaCha

Mar 29, 2015

“Why do you want to work for ChaCha”

“How did you hear about us? Tell me a little about your work history? Would this be a position or company you would be interested in working in and for?”

“How do you overcome objections?”

“How do I plan to nuture my business long term.”

“What do you need to make in your first year here?”

“They asked if I spoke Spanish? Now you have to take a math test. Plus for the grades beyond high school you have to have a Masters Degree in order to teach Math/Reading or Writing.”

“Tell me about a professional challenge and how you resolved it.”

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