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“Availability, and interest”

“The most difficult was a language barrier at first with the person who shepherd me interview location then the main questioner arrived and took over. The unexpected aspect was that the main...”

“The questions to me were straightforward.”

“Tell me about a time when you had to give bad news to a customer who was already irate!”

“During application process they ask you in a questionaire basic what do you do scenario questions, a chimp can pass this questionaire.”

“What do you make now?”

“Describe a stressful situation between you and a customer and how you resolved it with a positive outcome for the customer.”

Open Position at Katun

Aug 11, 2014

“None of the questions were unexpected or difficult as the questions I had more than enough experience to answer the questions.”

“Describe a time that you had a really bad customer service experience.”

“How many times is it okay to call in sick?”

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