Operation Associate Interview Questions

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“1. Use three words to describe yourself; 2. Two strengths and two weaknesses. 3. Circus question -- which role of the circus do you want to play.”

“What is people's most common misconception about you?”

“If you roll a fair, 6-sided dice three times what is the probability that you will get the same number all three times?”

“When an item is returned, we have to make sure that it has all its original parts, like charger, earphones, wand, etc. If the returned item is incomplete, the store won't get full credit on that...”

“If you have a 52 card deck and take out one card what is the probability that the next card that you draw will be of the same denomination (i.e two aces)”

“Tell us about your work in x y z. A couple of technical questions related to the position.”

“Nothing too unexpected, just information about your background, and mostly experiences found on resume. Asked what I knew about the position, and about the company in general.”

“What is the process for peaking an antenna? How much isolation is required between poles?”

“Have you been in a Supervisory role?”

“How do we make our revenue?”

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