Operation Excellence Interview Questions

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“How would you handle/prioritize all the different tasks required for this position?”

“Tell me about a time when you were leading a project and had to suddenly change direction. Who initiated the change? How did you handle the situation with the project team and other stakeholders?”

“Mention and explain the steps of lean six sigma”

“Describe a time you were given a complex problem and how did you handle it?”

“How would you handle a co-worker who was being difficult?”

“Explain a time where you influenced a positive change in the behavior of the team you were leading?”

“What do you know about [disease the product made here treats]? What do you know about [product made here]?”

“Case study was not a typical market sizing case; focused more on potential business issues clients face and how you would navigate through as a consultant.”

“Easy about the business case, but be prepared to tell stories about how operations excellency was achieved in your past experience”

“The had me tour their production facility and then create a Powerpoint presentation on all of the improvement opportunities that I identified.”

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