Operations Accountant Interview Questions

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“What does it mean for a company to have high payables?
What does it mean if operating profit is increasing, but revenues are decreasing?
Why did you choose accounting?”

“What kind of food do you see yourself as? (No joke they asked me this)”

“"Look at this pen and tell me all of the inputs required to make it and bring it to market."”

“If you do your homework, there should never be an unexpected question.”

“What's the price of gold?
Price of ICAP stock today? In what units?
Who are our competitors?”

“Tell me about a time when you completed a project, but had to go back and redo it.”

“Why do you want to leave your current company?”

“All of the questions were straightforward and pretty much expected.”

“Give me a time when you had to deal with distractions at work.”

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