Operations Coordinator Interview Questions

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“What would you do if you had three things that needed to get done ASAP and you were the only one in the office?”

“"what don't you like about work," "tell us about a time you received a critique and how you handled it"”

“One of the first questions of me was why I wanted to (continue) working?”

“-What is my ultimate life dream?”

“3. Whats your favorite food?”

“2. What are your hobbies?”

“1. Tell me about yourself”

“We have all made mistakes in our life. Share a mistake you have made in your life.”

“You have a 24-hr digital clock (that isn't military time), what is the total number you'll see the same number appear 3x in a row. For example: 111, 1111 would be good.”

“You have a Ferris wheel that only contains 10 carts total. Each cart can only hold 2 people. For every time a new cart cycles around, it takes 1 minute for that new cart to touch the ground. So in...”

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