Operations Engineer Interview Questions

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“What tool do you use better than anybody else?”

“Read in text from a text file or stdin and tally the most common words. Output, in order, the most common words present in the file.”

“how does traceroute discover the hardware in between the source and destination?”

“Describe the relationship between a backup server and storage”

“What are your weaknesses”

“Provide an example of a positive and a negative customer service experience.”

“How do you solve performance issues in a distributed environment”

“How to write Perl code”

“They asked what your immediate career goals were, and having just graduated and not yet experienced any official career yet, it was difficult to correctly describe what it was I was looking for in a...”

“Intacct encourages new ideas that could improve the effectiveness and/or efficiency of their operations. "Tell me of a time in your career where you had to overcome a project difficulty, how did you...”

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