Operations Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given two buckets which you know to hold three gallons and five gallons, which have no graduations or other markings that would let you easily measure amounts less than 3 or 5 gallons of water, how…”

“You have 2 islands connected by a bridge. The people belonging to one island always lie and the people belonging to another island always tell the truth. If you were dropped off on 1 of the islands…”

“Tell us about the internet?”

“How do you measure the "success" of a production feature release?”

“(2) Explain how domain name data works for a customer's domain.

Start at the point where the customer has registered a domain name with a registrar.

Explain the steps necessary for users to be…”

“Every question was quite what you could expect for a first job interview. Nothing you could not”

“Type: Retrieving-the-top-100-numbers-from-one-hundred-million-of-numbers present in an array?”

“A majority of the questions were culturally focused. When it came to technical questions, they tended to be mostly conceptual.”

“Not many tough questions were asked, both interviews were fairly basic and simplistic which caught me off guard but made the process less stressful.”

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