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“What do you feel that most difficult animal you would have problems working with?”

“The company did not have a job description they were hiring for which made it difficult to determine what they wanted. "Tell us why you left engineering?"”

“What thing should I know about you that I failed to ask?”

“What tool do you use better than anybody else?”

“If you saw a coworker take a piece of gum, would you tell your supervisor?”

“Tell us about an experience with a team that didnt go well and how did you handle it?”

“During an event, there are 3 items that come up at once, how do you (as a group) prioritize these:
a) Broken leg by a participant
b) Missing child
c) Group of 6 unhappy participants”

“Do you have a realtor you would recommend as I need to sell my home”

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“Tons of behavioral questions encountered in the whole process- What would you do if there was a problem within your team etc..”

“You've told me what you like doing, what do you hate doing?”

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