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“What is more important, creativity or efficiency?”

Operations at Gallup

Feb 23, 2014

“What do you think about while driving alone?”

“Read in text from a text file or stdin and tally the most common words. Output, in order, the most common words present in the file.”

“Describe to me in C how to take the word "FOX" and rearrange the words backwords to spell "XOF" using only a stack and one variable.”

“What is the difference between a manager and a leader?”

“Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn't know now but would know in 6 months from now.”

“Prove that the number between two twin primes can be divided by 6.”

“She asked me to sell her a pen. It was totally unexpected”

“Tell me about yourself and your experience.”

“Why did you chose to wear what you wore for your interview today?”

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