Operations Manager Interview Questions

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“What do you feel that most difficult animal you would have problems working with?”

“Tell me about yourself and your experience.”

“Why did you chose to wear what you wore for your interview today?”

“The company did not have a job description they were hiring for which made it difficult to determine what they wanted. "Tell us why you left engineering?"”

“What thing should I know about you that I failed to ask?”

“What would you do differently from your boss”

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“You run a packing department where customer orders are categorized into small, medium and large batches. In general you try to rotate your packers between all sizes of customer orders since there…”

“What are your strongest and weakest points ?”

“What are two of your most valuable leadership attributes you can bring to the position?”

“One manager asked me what “risk assessment” was because she really did not know.”

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