Operations Manager Interview Questions

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“Describe a situation in which you had to give an employee negative feedback and how did you deal with it?”

“How should you respond to the city officials claiming that Uber disadvantages older drivers unfamiliar with technology?”

“No realy difficult questions. They try to get it over with as quickly as possible.”

“Do you want to help others?”

“If a friend can say one word about you, what is it?”

“Why would you leave your current job if you're happy there?”

“Tell about a difficualt supervisor you had to deal with.”

“How can a company set itself apart from its competitors?”

“Tell us about a situation where you were opposed on an idea or process by your direct superviosor how did you handle the situation and what would you have done differently.”

“The questions were not difficult; however, what was difficult was dealing with a team that was is ill-prepared, unqualified, and frankly quite unprofessional.”

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